Response to Molly

Molly, a reader of One Mean MFA’s blog asked me in a comment, “where the heck are you gardening in Decemeber?” explaining that she is in Minnesota. So in response…

Funny story about gardening. This summer I spent a few weeks in Rome with my cousin who lives so close to the Vatican you can see the Vatican wall from her balcony. She has tons of plants on her balcony but they looked sad and pathetic so while she was at work I took it upon myself to buy her some plants that would flower in the sping and summer, and rearranged the pots around the balcony. It looked fantastic. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I just find time to appreciate plants.

I’m obsessed with trees and wish I was better at taking pictures because I would love to make a coffee table book with pictures of trees. All kinds of trees. Recently I was in the car with my significant other who was driving, it was late and we were both tired and sitting in silence (that’s how you know it’s love because we can sit in silence and it’s not awkward) and I blurted out, “I love trees.” It had nothing to do with anything, it was that I couldn’t help myself from saying out loud.

I think that is why I should have been friends with Wordsworth…the man is obsessed with nature and I think I have a touch of his obsession.

I’m actually about to plant some flowers in a pot so I can have flowers for the spring. It will be one of my many indoor plant adventures.


Sorry it’s taken so long to post. Wednesday I’ll try to post on the AWP conference.


Thanks for reading.


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