Stream of Consciousness, Again

I have a lot going on. As much as I like being busy sometimes I think I take on too much. Right now I’m stage directing a play that has at least two weeks left to go and I am taking an extra course so I’m taking 12 credits, teaching, stage directing…oh! and the director also put me in the show. I enjoy doing everything single thing I’m doing but holy crap it’s tough to read and write while your making sure the scene changes are going well in the dark.

I think once this play is over I’ll be ready to focus on this semester but right now I have a list of props that we still need and we open in less than a week. I’m also thinking a lot about scene changes I was being yelled at all day by the director and it feels good to be back in my house where it is quiet and I can sit and just decompress.

I feel like I really need to do my writing and reading. I have to have a novel read by tomorrow evening and another 100 pages to read for Tuesday and then practice, reading writing and so it continues. I am not complaining I promise I signed up for all this but suddenly I feel like I went through a buffet and took a little bit too much of everything.

Right now I could really use a few things:

1) A hug from my other half

2) Someone to tell me I’m going to make it. (I am going to make it because failure is NOT an option)

3) A high five.

4) And a beer.


Well, I should go read. So much to do, so little time.

There is a song by Rilo Kiley, it’s old but it’s wonderful and one of the lines says:

“But you’ll fight and you’ll make it through
You’ll fake it if you have to
And you’ll show up for work with a smile”

This is exactly how I feel.


  1. First week of class, so no serious grading YET. I’m looking at lots of writing samples, though, and taking care of those details for the first week of class.

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