Stream of Consciousness: Edited

I will edit the following sentences so they are at least coherent but I won’t change what they say. Here is a glimpse into my brain.

I’m reading Borges, or was reading Borges today and it was the first time I’d read anything by him and I’m not quite sure how I feel. I know I don’t understand a lot of it, but that’s why I’m in school right? I wonder if anyone else who is reading what we have to read for class is struggling. Probably.  I learned as a teacher that usually when one person is confused there are actually about four or five more who are also confused.  That makes me feel better.

I stopped reading Borges because I was sick of the weird first person voice that he has and started working on a non-fiction piece. Then I was not crazy about that so I left it to marinate in my notebook. I can’t decide if I’m a hand written person or a computer typing person. Some days my best writing is written by hand, but then there are days when I can’t stand writing with a pen and want to just type it. Those are the days when I have too many ideas (well” too” many sounds negative because it feels good to have so many ideas that your hands can’t keep up). When I have days like that I should write more and read less.

I find sometimes I read so much that I can’t write. It’s like I have that author’s voice in my head and I feel tainted. I think that’s why I started writing a blog post so I could get my voice back, but if my voice is so random, like this, then maybe I should get Borges’ voice back in my head.

I ate popcorn while I read and it was delicious. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. I really do need to get some more peanut butter though. I have been a peanut butter kick and I’m all out.

Oh that note, I’m off the grocery store to get some Jiff (reduced fat of course).


One comment

  1. Digest the book. Then write. It’s easier said than done in the crazy world of grad school, where you must read for your lit seminars, your classmates’ works to be workshopped, work for the classes you teach, books for your benefit as a writer, and then WRITE your own work on top of that.

    With these writers, what can you learn from them?

    If you feel tainted by the writers you read, one idea I have is write a parody sketch where you purge the writer’s overwhelming influence on you. It doesn’t have to be too long. Get the imitation language and aped storyline out of your system so you can write your real stories.

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