Spring Semester BRING IT!

I am ready. Well maybe not as ready as I’d like but close enough. As spring semester starts back up again I’m ready to rock and roll. I am also ready to get back on track. This morning I woke up threw on my running shorts and got to it. I didn’t want to waste a second. I even did some toning work which I have been putting off for a long time. It’s not that I don’t want perfect abs but gosh it sure is a lot of work. It must be the spirit of new beginnings that has got me actually doing crunches and leg lifts and what not.

While I didn’t get to as much reading as I would have liked I am happy to say I did read some and wrote more that I ever have. I feel like I should give myself a blue ribbon or something. I think because I didn’t just loaf around (let me not be misunderstood there were days when I wicked lazy) during break and took some time to get some work done I am ready to start.

I even took the liberty of reorganizing my books which were starting to look like a ground zero. It was about 9 last night and I was not about to hop in the sack so I pulled the books of the shelves and started making piles. I stood in front of my books and said, “I’m going to start this semester right!” I may have even said it aloud.

I will say as excited as I am to get cracking I’m not as excited to teach. Although I love teaching I am definitely not ready to hear excuses and grade anything.  I’m sure though once I walk into that classroom of anxious, yet arrogant spring semester freshman I’ll be glad to be back on schedule.



  1. Not quite ready myself, but I got to get cracking on my syllabi & lesson plans for the semester. Thankfully, it doesn’t start until the last week of January, but there’s the faculty develpment week before. Meetings & workshops.

    For me, this is the year of the write. Technically, the phrase isn’t correct, but poetic license, right? Working on procrastination on several things, and writing & reading for myself as a writer and things I want to get on track.

    May your year of the write be a fruitful one.

    1. I like that “the year of the write.” I too would like make my year about writing. I’ve never been big on resolutions because I can’t seem to follow through. Maybe it feels too much like following the herd. I’m still working on that writing shedule and I’m hoping once that gets accomplished so will more writing. Thanks for the comment and happy new year.

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