Do you have plans for tonight?

The New Year stresses me out. First you have to be all motivated to make yourself a better person then if you’re like me you feel like such a loser if you don’t have plans for the New Year’s Eve. For the past three or four years the pressure of making plans has really got me motivated to have my own house that I can throw a New Year’s Eve Extravagaza in. I think I’ve become so motivated because for the past few years the plans I’ve made for New Year’s Eve have not seemed to manifest. Instead of partying it has been more little adventures which include driving around and finding something to do. WTF? It would be nice to be the place where people come instead of having to search for a bar or friend that is having some kind of get together.

It seems there really are only a few  options for New Year’s Eve:

1) Stay home and enjoy some quality Ryan Seacrest

2) A crappy crowded bar with a bunch of sweaty strangers

3) A party your friend is throwing which may or may not be fun. Let’s be honest some people do not know how to throw parties properly.

4) A night club

Plans for New Year’s Eve have become so important (or maybe I’m just taking notice because now I actually care) that bars and other venues charge like $100 bucks a ticket to get in and it may include like a drink or two, some dancing and it won’t close shop until like 2. WOW! That is expensive with a side of lame sauce.

This year I think my other half and I did a better job of looking for things to do earlier but our plans are still up in the air and really the only thing I want is to be slightly tipsy and dance my heart out until midnight give my love a kiss and dance some more. 

If you’ve got any cool ideas for New Years feel free to post them in the comments section.


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