Sunday Afternoons

I learned this Sunday that buried deep down inside me there is a lazy bum. Usually I’m always doing something, I’m rarely basking in nothingness. I find doing nothing actually creates anxiety for me. I start to think about all the things I can be doing and I start getting stressed out. I am constantly multi-tasking. If I’m watching TV, unless of course it’s time for Heroes, I usually have my laptop out and am working on something. I’m rarely just watching TV.

Today though, I woke up late and did some reading…it was for school but whatever. Then I watched some Top Chef marathon on Bravo and by the time I rolled out of bed it was about 2:30. I couldn’t believe it I had wasted an entire morning and almost half of the afternoon.

But have I wasted the afternoon? I mean right now I feel really content. There was nothing  pressing that I needed to do. The only thing I wanted to do and still have time to do is go to church. I did read and now I am writing. I guess every now and then it isn’t that big of a deal if I do nothing.

I’m wondering though, could this type of lazy behavior get me in trouble? Yeah, I know the only person I really need to answer to is me and of course the big guy upstairs but it’s not like I need permission to be lazy. I can just be lazy. The trouble I’m talking about is come Monday maybe even Tuesday and I’m going to regret having done nothing? Will I stop mid Monday afternoon and say to myself, “I should have read more on Sunday?”

I think if I’m so worried about this I should probably stop being lazy and get some stuff done but first I think I’ll take a nap.


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