New Year’s Resolutions

I, like many, think,  have had the same new years resolutions for at least five years. I have been trying to stop cracking my knuckles. I know it’s small but I seriously think that if I don’t stop soon my hands are going to be cripled. I don’t know. I’m not a chiropractor.

Here’s the thing, I’m good on January 1st  and sometimes even through to the 3rd. Then when I wake up on the 4th and crack, crack, crack, and snap. I don’t mean to do it. It’s just a habit I’ve had since about 9 years old. After the rest of day I try really hard not break down and crack those knuckles. My hard work lasts maybe a week and then I’m so over it.

This type of mentality has applied to all of my new year’s resolutions and I know I’m not alone. How many people join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and LA Fitness during this time of year? What about those people who are devoted for longer than a week? They go into the gym everyday for about two months and then forget about it. They are busy, or see some results and then it’s over. What is everyone’s problem? Why can’t we commit?

I’ve heard that some people try to start these resolutions later in the year like March. My question is, what is the difference? It seems to me that either you will do it or you won’t, what does it matter what time of year you start it? I don’t think so. I’ve been saying for years I want to get in shape and it was not until I finally decided that I was going to start running and stay with it that I did. I have now been consistently running for almost 9 months.

I would love to stop cracking my knuckles and maybe losing some weight wouldn’t hurt but is this the year the knuckling cracking stops. I definitely welcome some advice on stopping the knuckle cracking. Suggestions.


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