Merry Christmas, Damn it!

I was sitting at the piano this evening singing and playing some religious Christmas songs like, “Oh come, all ye Faithful” and “Silent Night.” It occurred to me that I hadn’t been hearing as many of the religious songs on the radio. This made me a bit depressed because here we are two days before Jesus’ birthday and I’m wondering how many people even know that’s what the season is all about.

The Catholic Church doesn’t even start signing the traditional Christmas songs until December 25th. Why? Well, it’s because all the songs are about His arrival. Technically we shouldn’t be saying “Oh come let us adore Him” if He isn’t here yet. Same thing goes for “The Little Drummer Boy.” He isn’t drumming until after Jesus is born. So why do the radio stations stop playing Christmas songs right after Christmas?

Is it because most of us have opened our presents? Funny because the gift giving didn’t start in Bethlehem until January 6th which is the day those Three Wise Men showed up after following that star. Why can’t we wait to end the Christmas season on the 6th? Maybe the radio stations could resume to their regular music but sprinkle in some Christmas songs. I mean it’s not all about Santa.

I guess though by celebrating the religious aspects of Christmas we might be acting radically. Oh those crazy Christians. I am by no means a radical when it comes to anything. I do however feel like the meaning of Christmas is being lost. All over the United States small things are happening that take the magic out of Christmas. Instead of acknowledging the holiday we’ve settled with “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings.” Who are we protecting? Christmas is becoming the “Holiday that shall not be named.” It’s not evil like Voldemort! Oh no I said it Voldemort! Christmas!

I know I’ve gone on a bit of a rant but I think I’m just trying to say before you open your presents on Christmas day think about why this holiday is so damned special. Consider that by not saying Merry Christmas and ignoring the meaning of Christmas, Christians we’ll be taking a step back. Take some time to remember our history of being persecuted which is why songs like “The Twelve Days of Christmas” exist. Don’t be afraid to say it or sing those songs after Christmas is over. I don’t think He will mind much. It is His birthday after all.


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