Inflatable Christmas Decorations

I hate them. You seem them in suburbia as well as in urban areas and you know what? They are horrible. I’m talking about those ridiculous inflatable Christmas decorations.

They are just terrible. They don’t look cute, although I think that people who put them up must think they do. Instead, they give off this creepy effect. I have been tempted many times to go through some neighborhoods and deflate them, but that is like vandalism. And I’m am no vandal.

Below you’ll find a list of why I can’t stand them.

1) They are enormous.

2) They are creepy.

3) They move too much when it’s windy.

4) When they are deflated during the day it gives off a depressing vibe.

5) It makes me think the person who put them up also needs to read those books with the enormous print.

6) They scream “look at me” in an annoying and guady way.

7) They look dead and unanimated. Shouldn’t we be celebrating life? It is Jesus’ birthday after all.

And finally…

8) They are un-American.

Your thoughts?


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