Sleepytime Tea

It’s late. It’s past my bedtime and here I am blogging away. I don’t know if it’s because I’m addicted to this place or I just can’t sleep. I have been suffering from sleeplessness for a long time. I think calling what I have insomnia is unfair to people who actually suffer from insomnia. I do occasionally sleep, am able to function during my day, and have not gone mad. I think once the madness sets in a loved one should recommend medical treatment.

I have read many articles about what to do when you can’t sleep, things like: don’t do any other activity except sleeping in your bed. Apparently when you read, or watch TV, or write in a journal in your bed your brain starts to think your bed is a space for activities besides sleeping. So when you want to go to sleep you can’t. I’ve tried this; relocating my “other activities” to other spaces. I try to read only on the couch, or at Starbucks, or at the library. I don’t do anything but sleep in my bed and still I’m up right now. So let’s just say for me, this tip, not so helpful.

I’ve heard also, as probably many have, drink hot milk. This is a bullshit lie. It is a conspiracy to get us to drink more milk. Listen, I love milk, there is no need to lie about the magic powers of hot milk. I’ll drink the milk. Not to mention, hot milk is kind of gross and should be left to infants to drink. I like my milk cold, ice cold and right out of the refigerator. No glass necessary.

Right now I’m experimenting with Sleeptime Tea. I’m pretty sure this is a marketing scheme to get people who can’t sleep to drink tea. Again, I enjoy tea, there is no need to make up some fancy shmancy name for chamomile. I’m not a moron, I can read the ingredients. I don’t know if the tea is working. I’ve been sitiing here writing and drinking tea and my bed still doesn’t seem appealing.

I have also tried sleeping masks. They don’t work and the elastics give me headache if left on for too long. I do recommend them for naps and migraines, especially for migraines. They work magic when any kind of light makes your brain feel like it’s going to explode out of your eyeballs.

I do count a lot. That seems to be the most sucessful method. It slows down the other thoughts, the ones about what I have to do to tomorrow, as well as prevents me from  breaking down my entire day. Instead of worrying about everything I’m simply counting. I get to 100 and start over again and eventually I start to drift away.

This evening the counting wasn’t working. I think it’s because every time I got to 100 I did the math and realized how long I had been counting for. This defeats the entire purpose of counting. Suddenly I’m thinking 96-97-98, oh my God this is the fifth time I’ve gotten to 100, I don’t think this is working. then I say to myself, usually aloud, ENOUGH! GO TO SLEEP. Eventually though I do fall alseep, the sunrises and its time to start the day.

I’m nearly finished my fancy Sleeptime Tea. I think I’ll give my bed another chance. I’d love some ideas on how to fix this sleeplessness, and of course know what doesn’t work. Hot milk, honestly…


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