Christmas Shopping and Bopping

I was asked by one of you if the holiday season was a time “to be irritated by the commercialism” of the holiday season. I would have to say, as much as it irritating I would say it’s more stressful. I haven’t done any of my Christmas shopping and you know what? I feel guilty about it. Today I had plenty of opportunities to go out and shop but instead I did some gardening.

I wasn’t even gardening for myself, I was doing it for my parents. Although, I will admit it was a slightly selfish act because I enjoy it so much but, I kept thinking, as my hands were wrist deep in soil, I really need to go shopping.

Part of my issue with buying presents is that I am a horrible gift giver. I don’t think I’m very thoughtful and I’m also a very poor grad student whose rent is due in a week.  I have a significant other I need to get something for and you know what, I’m completely clueless on what to get my other half. Especially since, my love is so much more thoughtful than I am. 

Because I keep stressing over this I find myself not so excited to go shopping either. Who wants to be braving malls, and strip malls pushing their way through other stressed out shoppers. I just know it needs to be done so I should just get it over with.

What I do look forward to though has nothing to do with shopping and gift giving. It has to do with family tradition. I think this is what gets most of us, who are not driven by sales and savings and shopping, through this over commercialized season. I can’t wait for my mom to start baking and to get the Christmas tree set up. I also love putting up the nativity scene and the special holiday towels and mistletoe up.

I hope I’m not the only one who could care less about shopping and looks forward to spending time with family, bake, decorate and of course be annoyed by my family.



  1. Where the heck are you that you are gardening in December?! (I’m in Minnesota, and though I’m taking a gardening class tomorrow and daydreaming of my sixth summer of vegetable gardening, I tell you, the only gardening in this house is keeping the spider plants from my evil plant-eating cats’ fangs.)

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