The End is Coming

No, not like the end of the world or anything apocalyptic like that.  And if the end is coming I’m not in tune with any forces that are informing me so. I’m talking about the end of the semester. I look at my planner on daily basis and have a huge calendar where I mark, with a Sharpie, everyday that passes. I think doing this can sometimes make Winter Break seem further away, but as the month progresses and I approach the date of my very final deadline, I start to get excited.

While I’m working on ending this semester with success, I’ve starting thinking about what I’m going to be up to over the holiday. Some of things on my list include:

1) Writing the first 30-40 pages of my thesis.

2) Getting a head start on the readings for next semester.

3)Helping my parents with some of the landscaping around their yard.

4) Seeing my other half.

5) I should probably go Christmas shopping.

6) Try bumming around being a bum.

How much of this will I do? Who knows? Probably a lot of number 6 and even more of number 3. Gardening is something that helps me think and it feels good to be outside when I’m indoors so often writing, reading, and teaching. And while right now, with everything piled up and stressful, winter break can’t seem to come sooner. But when I’ve been out of school, not in class both as a student and a teacher, it takes about a week and half and I’m missing the school life. I miss it so much. I miss sitting in class and standing in front of my students being a crazy teacher. I wonder if my obsession with school makes me a little weird.


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