Do You Smell That?

That is the smell of the end of the semester approaching. It smells of pie and cinnamon and pleasure reading. With Thanksgiving rolling around the corner, I’m barely thinking about turkey and leaves changing and of course Black Friday. Instead, I have given in to the twenty-four hour Christmas radio stations and have let the Christmas cheer take over.

There are a few concerns, however, that I have about this. First of all, it’s not even Thanksgiving and here I am singing to my heart’s content, “The Christmas Song” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Second, I’m sooooo not focused on anything but my list of Christmas Break reading, my trip to the AWP conference in February, buying new sweaters, and of course the list of people I need to shop for, for Christmas. I am of course not thinking, at all, about any of my work and I am definitely not worrying about submitting grades for my students.

Since I do not want to be accountable for my lack of focus, I’m thinking I want to pin this one on the media and retailers. I feel like if I wasn’t being bombarded by Christmas music and Christmas lights (which my roommate has already put up and turned on) I could focus on the tasks at hand. The thing is when I hear “Jingle Bell Rock” I can’t help but sing (but honestly who can?).   I mean think about, if it wasn’t for all those commercials with the holiday bells ringing in the background and every store in every mall having Christmas decorations up, and the city putting up those creepy light up Nutcrackers (you know what I’m talking about?) I could focus on my school work instead of wishing Winter Break was here.

Whatever happened to decorating and preparing for Christmas after Thanksgiving?



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