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Since this is the first time we’re meeting, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a former high school teacher (that makes me sound wicked experienced but I only taught briefly, and right out of university). I am currently a graduate student at a local state university. I am obsessed with learning (especially about literature and writing) and because of this I am currently working on a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative writing. I am also a graduate teaching assistant and teach “How to write a paper 101.”

Although, I only taught high school for a seemingly short amount of time, I still have a firey buring passion for teaching. Part of what makes working on my MFA so appealing is that my program allows for me to teach as well. You can expect me to discuss teaching, as well the writing program itself, and any other issues that may be going on with me. Since I am first a writer then a teacher, I’ll probably be spilling out some of the observations that I notice about students, faculty, the university, other graduate students, and myself.

The grad school experience is obviously different from the undergrad experience and I’m excited to exploit the world of even higher education. I especially look forward to showing you all the wild and crazy people I work with on a daily basis; that I absolutely adore and loathe. I’m even more excited to share some of work my with you, as it is the process of being refined. And I hope you’ll help me make my writing even better. Finally I would love for students and teachers/professors/instructors to share experiences and advice.  All of your questions and comments are always welcome.



  1. It’s nice to meet you. I found about about your blog through Twitter. Thanks for the follow.

    I also have an MFA in creative writing from a Southern California university. I post on various topics, but a tagline is that my blog is “My online version of my MFA creative writing afterlife. So much for the afterglow.”

    I’ll be following your posts for sure.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I would love for you to send me a link to your blog so I can check it out. I would also really appreciate any comments you have about being in an MFA program. I’m curious to see the similarities and differences between programs across the country.

  2. Considering MFA route myself. Taught legal writing last year. Didn’t much care for it but I think it was the subject matter. I am burnt out on all things law-related.

    1. I recently just finished and so far I don’t regret doing an MFA. I do think that it so important to find a program that suits what you are looking for. My program was very literature and theory heavy, and I’m not sure if I had done more research if I would have applied to that program. Although, I did get to read a lot of GREAT stuff.

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